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Admin Boundaries Update - 2011 Census Blocks    

CTB introduces the 2011 Census Blocks 2011 as the standard for all its analyses and micro-territorial datasets. Municipal and ZIP Codes boundaries updated to 31.01.2015.

Milan, 15-11-2015

The 2011 Census Block update is one of the key steps to make the analysis of the territory aligned with the socio/demographic evolutions in Italy recorded in Italy and represented by the 2011 Census results. The total number of blocks is now 402,121 (up 19,587 from 2001 Census) .

Moreover, we have update administrative boundaries to 31.12.2015 for Municipalities (now 8,047) and Municipalities / ZIP (now 8,685).
Census blocks which were in Municipalities which were merged have been appropriateli recoded to ensute unicity of the Municipality / Block coding.

Boundaries for administrative polygons (Census Blocks, Municipalities, ZIP Codes) are available in Shapefile and KMZ for Google Earth formats.
Boundaries of Municipalities and ZIP Codes (the latter only for cities divided into Postal ZOnes) are vailable also in PowerPoint format.

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