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Vector Polygon Data (shapefile)    

They are the natural complement of statistical databases, which they are the territorial representation grid.
The available data regarding the administrative borders of the municipalities, the CAP and the Sections of Census updated to the latest available administrative division. The latter is identical to that used for statistical data , making the hook between the cartographic data and the statistical simple and immediate.

The release format is Shapefile (degrees WGS84 or ED50 UTM32N meters) on a provincial basis (a file for each province).

The Territorial Extension of Purchase determines the price of the product:
  • for Province: base price
  • for Region: 20% discount (vs the base price)
  • for Nielsen Area: 37,5% discount (vs the base price)
  • Total Italy: 50% discount (vs the base price)

Click on "Card" to see the technical details of each data base and to download a free sample.
Click on "Calculate" to calculate the estimate based on the level of detail and the territorial extent you need.

The boundaries of municipalities, ZIP Codes and Census Blocks are also available KML format (Google Earth) .
The boundaries of the regions, provinces, municipalities and ZIP Codes are also available in format MS PowerPoint .

Boundaries for municipalities and census blocks are free of charge. To download them you must still register.
Please also note that:

A - Poligoni Amministrativi
Descrizione Numero Fonte Agg. al Dettagli Prezzo
Aggiornamento Sezioni Censuarie 402.121 CTB su ISTAT 31.01.2015 Scheda Calcola
CAP / Comuni 8.685 CTB su ISTAT / Poste 31.01.2015 Scheda Calcola
Comuni 8.047 CTB su ISTAT 31.01.2015 Scheda Calcola

C - Zone Postali
Descrizione Numero Fonte Agg. al Dettagli Prezzo
CAP dei Comuni suddivisi in Zone Postali 41 CTB su ISTAT / Poste 31.01.2015 Scheda Calcola

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