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Target Planner Platform    

Target Planner is the Geomarketing and Territorial Analysis platform developed by CTB for its customers. Real tool for decision support, Target Planner allows to relate the firm informations with the information related to micro-regional territory (socio-demographic, economic and behavioral) and competitive environment (market surveys).

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Custom Analysis Models
  • Potential Estimate of new/existing Store
  • Cannibalization Estimate and Net Potential
  • Store Clusters Benchmarking
  • Door-To-Door Planning
  • Based on other Client needs
Company Business Data
  • Sales (Volume / Value)
  • Number and characteristics of Customers (statistic and/or punctual data)
  • Store characteristics (physical, organization, type of offer, type of management)
Digital Cartography
  • Navteq Cartographic Database (online)
  • Maximum accuracy and coverage with automatic quarterly updates
  • Extremely detailed Information Levels (es.: street classes, house numbering, traffic rules)
  • Themes set on any numerical processing both territorial standards units (regions, provinces, municipalities, ZIP Codes, ecc.) and personalized (also free-hand)
  • Calculation of Isometre and Isochrones, customizable for means of transport and level of vehicle traffic
Socio-Economic Data
  • Resident Population by age, sex, education, profession
  • Migrant Population by Nationality
  • equivalent Population and Families
  • Psychographic and Behavioral Segmentation
  • Income, Wealth, Savings
  • Gross Food and Grocery Consupmtions by Category
  • Economic Activities and Working Population by Sector
  • Commercial Density
  • Banking services, Financial Assets and Means of Payment
  • Housing and Real Estate Values
  • Tourists, Travelers and Accommodation Structures
  • Media Diffus and Consumption
Market Data
Over 500.000 geocoded Stores about ca. 40 Business Categories, among which:
  • Clothing (Male/Female, Kids, Underwear)
  • Hotels, Travel Agencies
  • Furnitures
  • Organized Trade (Food, Electronic, Bricolage)
  • Shopping Centers and Outlets (GLA, Stores)
  • Banks Branchs, Postal Offices (per type), Financial Loans Shop
  • Cinemas (number of seats and of halls)
  • Pharmacies, Para-Pharmacies, Herbalists, Opticians
  • Restaurants, Trattorias, Pizzerias, Fast-Food Restaurants, Bar e Coffee shops
  • Hospitals e Nursing Homes
Analysis Engine
  • Powerful and flexible (up to 10 filter with AND or OR logic)
  • Resident on our servers: CTB ensures all maintainances and updates
  • Authentication system on three level for the maximal safety
  • Access privileges can be configured to organizational and / or territorial level
User Interface
  • Browser usage without any external component
  • Data and analysis sharing among customizable working groups
  • Customized Indexes creation
  • Graphs production with no external components
  • Data Export (Excel, Pdf)
  • Big Size Maps Export (A3)
  • Geographic selections both on administrative units (Census Blocks, ZIP Codes, Municipalities, etc.) and customized polygons

Web-based service, zero IT impact
Target Planner is totally web-based, it is sufficient to use an Internet connection and a browser. No impact on business information systems. No installation activity or maintenance by the customer. True "plug & play".

Maximum detail and quality of information
The performance of a system of territorial analysis depends - in large part - by the quality of the data. For this reason, CTB has always committed significant resources in the collection, processing and constant updating of an impressive collection of microterritorial databases, all at the highest level of detail (402.121 Census Blocks, updated @ 2011 Census).

A fully customizable service
The web-based set-up and proprietary technology allow us to personalize Target Planner, according to specific customer needs.

Training and support
Target Planner platform is particularly suitable for companies and organizations who have (or want to have) internally the resources to undertake the decision supporting analysis. In fact, the customer has full autonomy in the analysis with the methodological and training support by CTB.
Staff training of the customer is therefore a fundamental point. CTB provides training support to learn how to use the platform Target Planner as integral part of the service. In addition, specific training activities are possible in support of specific consulting projects..
Further Target Planner is equipped with a chat through which the user can ask in real time support on methodological and technical aspects.

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