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"Trade Potential" Models    

These are models developed in synergy with our point databases and are aimed at estimating the potential of each retail outlet for a specific industry / distribution channel.
The combination of the list of geocoded stores and the Potential Score for each store results in a ""Trade Directory".

The Potential Score
It is a score (expressed in ten-thousandths) which spresso in decimillesimi) that identifies the potential of stores trading, exclusively or not, a specific Category. The score allows a comparison of each store vs others (both ordinal and cardinal) as regards the consumption of the Category.

Calculation of the Potential Score
CTB has developed a unique processing methodology of the Potential Score which is built in four phases:

  1. Offer-side System: This phase is the standard production process for our point databases and involves a painstaking process of cross-referencing and unduplication of all available sources of information, both institutional (Company Registry) and independent (e.g. lists published by retail chains).
    All stores are geocoded to ensure their correct positioning on the territory.

  2. Demand-side System: This phase consists in the reconstruction of consumer demand for the Category at micro-territorial level (census block). If the Category is not already detailed in our consumption statistical datasets an ad-hoc micro-territorial estimate is developed by ceross-referencing territorial profiling data and sales data from Retail Audits (if available).

  3. Calculation of Contendible Potential by Store: Once we have reconstructed the amount and micro-territorial distribution of Offer and Demand, we apply to the whole national territory a «Contendible Potential» model which allow us to estimate the share of potential demand for each store.

  4. Assignment of Potential Score to each Store: The final step is to assign to each store a relative score (expressed in ten-thousandths) obtained by dividing the «Contendible Potential» of each store by the sum of «Contendible Potentials» for all stores.

Trade Directories are made available in two formats:

  • table format: a MS Excel® file

  • vector ShapeFile o KMZ for Google Earth® format

Use of Trade Directories
"Trade Directories" are a key tool for all companies:

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