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Potential Modeling    

Our Approach
The objective of our Potential Modeling services is to provide our clients with a scheme to assess its business potential which is:
  • objective: i.e. it's based on data and factual information (market, consumption levels, target customer characteristics and localization, internal and external competitors' characteristics and localization, etc.)
  • standardized: i.e. the model, although customized for the specific needs of a client / industry, applies the same methodology to all the analyzed locations, thus ensuring uniform appraisal criteria and comparability of results over space and time.

Areas of application
We use Potential Modeling to support different kind of clients, manufacturing companies, retailers, B-2-C service providers and retail financial companies.
In particular:

  • Store-level Models:
    they are focused on specific locations where existing or planned stores are, be them direct (i.e. managed directly by our client) or affiliated (in this case our client can be both the franchisor and / or the franchisee company / candidate). Depending on the characteristics of the analyzed store and on the size of the network it belongs to, we use two different kinds of models:

    • Contendible Potential Models: they are gravitational geostatistical models and are especially suited to estimate the potential of stores who belong to small-sized networks and / or which implement a new retail format.

    • Expected Business Models: they are regressive geostatistical models and are especially suited to estimate the potential of stores who belong to medium and large-sized networks which implement an established retail format.
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  • Territory-level Models:
    they analyze a specific territory (which can be as large as total Italy) and all the locations within it where existing or possible stores are. Depending on the characteristics of the store and of our client, there are two types of models:

    • "White Spaces" Models: are aimed at retailers and at ed alle B-2-C service providers and retail financial companies who wish to identify the areas currently not covered by their distribution network (hence "White Spaces") which have the highest potential for a new opening (from both a coverage expansion or a coverage rationalization standpoint).
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    • Modelli "Trade Potential": they are developed in synergy with our point datasets and their objective is to estimate the potential of each retail store within a given industry / distribution channel. These models are aimed at both the retailers within that industry / cannel (who can implement a competitive benchmarking at a macro or micro-territorial level) and the manufacturers (who can prioritize and allocate trade marketing resources according to each store's or network's potential).
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